Modern Cars are mostly controlled by different ECUs connected to a multitude of sensors all talking with each other to make sure everything is working within design parameters. If everything isn’t working optimally, something as simple as a faulty sensor can make the car less dependable than a Classic car and potentially far more difficult to diagnose.

If a Fault occurs, the ECU should record it in the form of an OBD code, these can cascade and different things can be recorded across various ECUs. It takes experience and understanding of how these systems work to quickly and effectively diagnose the problem.

We have access to modern and sophisticated diagnostic tools and methods, we even need these tools to simply disengage an electronic parking park to replace the pads.

With modern cars getting ever more sophisticated their maintenance and upkeep have become more complicated.

“We have pride in being able to offer our Classic Volvo Service Quality to Modern Volvo Owners”

– Noddy

We’re happy to use our experience to keep the complicated simple and potentially big bills small.

The on-board electronic systems can be interfaced with and provide an understanding of items to investigate or replace including sensors. Correct Service and Maintenance can help deliver optimal fuel efficiency and safety.